Connecting to the “New, New Normal”

The phrase “The New Normal” was something most of us heard quite a lot, especially as COVID took full hold of the world in 2020/2021. It meant a number of different things, but generally referred to virtually everyone working from home and not going out into the world, or interacting with others face-to-face. Thankfully last year, the grip the pandemic had on the world loosened and we all started getting back to some semblance of our prior activities. However, there were still challenges and oddities. For example, Work Truck Week and NADA occurred simultaneously in March, which presented issues for those wanting to go to both shows. Additionally, supply chain challenges persisted – and still continue today – meaning all of us in the work truck and van arena had to find new ways of taking care of our customers.

No longer could business buyers come onto our lot, walk around and find the work vehicle they needed. Instead, we had to help them understand that pre-orders were the way. And, that also meant assisting them with planning out commercial vehicle needs, which was something new to many (or perhaps even most).

As we head into a new year, it’s likely that the New, New Normal will be some type of hybrid approach when it comes to vehicle inventory. Inventory levels are coming back, although slowly, and it’s quite possible they may not ever return to pre-pandemic on-lot levels. This means that those of us in the business of selling work trucks, vans and SUVs have tremendous opportunities to help our customers adapt to this “new way” of buying. It also means we can reinforce our role as their business partner by helping them in other areas, beyond just purchasing a vehicle. Areas like service, telematics, planning, and a host of other things. The bottom line? This New, New Normal is something we should all look at as an opportunity to help our customers, and our own businesses, as we go forward into 2023 – and beyond.   

See you at Work Truck Week 2023!