Cup o’ Joe: Why Bother?

Don’t Even Read This.

The economy is in the pits,  There are no fleet/commercial vehicles anywhere in stock.  Nobody will dealer trade any inventory: nobody has any. 

I might as well hold tight, hang on.  Take the OASIS tests required, and wait for brighter days…


SOMEDAY, there WILL be enough cab/chassis and cutaways to fill the needs/demands of fleet/commercial clients, of those vocations committed to building/repairing infrastructure. 

I could get prepared, by studying the vocations that I find interesting, and seek to understand the best solutions for the units that complement their work in the field. 

I might even get bold and ask my dealer principal to cover at least part of the cost of going to Work Truck Week.  I know that, while there, I would find solutions that are being developed that make every vocation I serve even more efficient than was available on their older units. 

Speaking personally, I went to my dealer principal some years ago and asked if the company would “scholarship me” to go to Work Truck Week.  It was in Orlando, I live in Seattle.  My boss advanced me $1,000 to help with air travel and hotel expenses.  I have gone every year since then, covering my own costs. 

I learned that much! 

If you never go, you will never know how much you missed; you will never know what you don’t know.

See you there? 

I hope so!