This is the time of year where things we are grateful for come to mind.  Every now and then an event or a person comes to mind, and it’s hard to put into words the gratitude one feels.  This is the occasion for my privilege in knowing and working alongside someone who has been instrumental in helping me understand my role in this vocation that I love.  At the same time, that same person has been equally instrumental in helping me and inspiring me in my personal life as well. 

Such is the feeling that I have, both professionally, as well as personally, in my almost-thirty years of being in the shadow of Taylor Steinberg.  My first acquaintance with him was almost thirty years ago when he was asked to come and deliver words to FordPros here in Bellevue at the Ford office. 

While his message was for “all of us,” it resonated with me, the new guy, while I was aware that he was speaking to the old-timers in the business as well.  His message was easy for me to grasp, and be encouraged by, but it was also giving everyone aids in serving our respective customers well. 

Some years later I flew to Quincy, IL, to pick up a chassis.  Taylor met my plane and took me to my lodge for the night.  The next day he picked me up, took me to his office, and showed me something that had sparked his engineering spirit: the Falkirk Wheel in Great Britain.  (Look it up on-line!)  Crazy stuff but always exciting to see what he had to share.  Still…to this day. 

When I asked Taylor to contribute to FordPros magazine, almost from Day One, he was there fully willing to help any way he was called upon.  He has written some sixty-plus articles about the various vocations and trades that benefit from Ford units with bodies that help them grow their business.  Taylor has always “made me look good!,” and for that I am grateful. 

Taylor, thank you for sharing such an abundance of experience-based knowledge to all of us over these many great years.  I miss you already.

Good Retiring,