As we close out the year, it’s a great time to reflect on what’s transpired over the last twelve months, and also plan for what’s coming in the new year.

Certainly we’ve seen a number of trends in 2022, with two of the biggest being inventory challenges and economic instability. And, it’s likely both of these will be with us – in some capacity at least – in the coming year as well. But there’s also good news with signs of commercial inventory “coming back” based on trends we’ve seen over the last several months (even though this building back of vehicles has been slow).

And despite the fact that the economic uncertainty is still here, and in all likelihood will carry well into 2023, we also know that those businesses that serve others will continue doing so. As a result, if things like new home sales continue to slow down, it doesn’t mean all is lost because the shift then moves from new home construction to existing home repairs, and the businesses involved will continue to need to purchase, and service, commercial vehicles.

We know that dealers and dealerships are resilient as demonstrated by many, many decades of history. So the best advice is to do what you’ve most likely always done at this time of year – review the past and plan for the future – but also take time to enjoy those family and friends (many of whom are also your customers) who are such an important part of your life and your business. After all, while there are many trends that will impact your commercial vehicle success, one of the most important “trends” are those who support you.

Happy Holidays!