Convert a used or existing truck to the interchangeable Switch-N-Go® system

If you’re reading this you know how difficult it still is to find new truck chassis on the market, let alone more than one. You’ve likely seen and understand that this phenomenon has paralyzed businesses who need new trucks and equipment to grow and successfully accommodate the influx of clients and open projects. What if there was a way for those businesses to transform one or more of the trucks already in their fleet to keep up with business or even get ahead? Spoiler alert – there is!

Say hello to the Switch-N-Go® interchangeable truck body system. This solution allows business owners to build their ideal work truck. They select the chassis of their choice, upfit it with a hoist system, then employ the truck bodies best suited to the success of their business. For over two decades, Switch-N-Go® has been helping businesses create work trucks that can do more, with less. Imagine taking one of the trucks in your fleet and giving it the capabilities to do the work of three.

The Switch-N-Go® system is designed for class 4-7 chassis cab vehicles with a GVWR of 13,500-33,000lbs and a Cab-to-Axle of 60”-138” and is available in both electric-over-hydraulic and full hydraulic models. There are nearly 30 different work truck bodies available including dumps, arbor bodies, dumpsters, flatbeds, and WorkReady™ subframes for specialized equipment upfits. The patented and service-proven hoist system design offers endless opportunities and advantages over both hooklift and traditional permanent mount units.

Not only is this system ideal for end users, but it’s also great for the dealers who sell them. Authorized Switch-N-Go® dealers reach a variety of customers that may have otherwise been missed. Stocking up on and displaying hoists and bodies that are not yet attached to trucks allows customers to pick and choose what items best suit their needs.

If they have a 2017 permanent mount Ford F550 with a mason dump, they could convert it to a Switch-N-Go® hydraulic system and pair it with a dump body, flatbed, and storage body that can handle unlimited lifts per day. Maybe they found a used 2013 chassis that’s been sitting on the lot? Perfect! Upfit it with an electric-over-hydraulic system and some Dumpster Bodies for a fleet ready to take on their junk hauling businesses. The best part? The system is bolt-on, so when the customer is ready for a new truck, the system can quickly and easily be switched over.

Speaking of hoists and bodies, Switch-N-Go® is the only interchangeable body solution that manufactures both with a full range of sizes and options, making purchasing easier and ensuring proper fit and function. The system is easy to operate with a single-handed push button pendant. Kiss the days of tedious maintenance goodbye by occasionally greasing the moving parts of your Switch-N-Go® system! Think about your existing work truck fleet for a moment. If you only have one dump truck, and it needs a new transmission, you’re out of commission until it’s fixed. But if you use the Switch-N-Go® system in your fleet, you can just put the dump body on a different truck!

When looking forward to 2023, finding new ways to create revenue, and supercharging productivity, consider adding Switch-N-Go® to your portfolio. Being able to expand a business by three or more trucks when utilizing a single used chassis can transform a business.