Cup o’ Joe: Unexpected… Expected

If I haven’t conveyed successfully the admiration that I hold for Alan Mulally, it’s not because I haven’t tried: words fail sometimes.  Like trying to describe an experience on the path, when you come around the bend and see…The Mountain.  Or meeting an incredible person you hold in high esteem…who then treats you like an equal, who is comfortable in his own skin, and helps you feel comfortable in your own. 

No words for those experiences. 

The lift I got from the meeting of the Northwest Truck Club in September, when he came to share some insights: again hard to find the words to describe. 

One of many key takeaways that has been an enormous help to me personally was in his presentation on “Working Together,” a mantra that he “preached,” and lived at both Boeing and then was successful in implementing at Ford during his tenure there.  The one that stuck out to me so well was:

Expect the Unexpected, and expect to deal with it. 

How many times have I, in moving from one place to the next, had to change lanes.  Deal with it.  How many times have I had a customer aggravated about the delay in getting the new unit that was ordered “so long ago.”  Deal with it.  How many times have I had numerous encounters in my everyday life…and I had a choice:  grumble about it, complain to another about it, lament the “woe is me,” when instead, I might have expected it (it WAS unexpected…), and just simply expected to deal with it.  Successfully. 

Move on.  Grow on.  Step up. Next chance to score.  Look ahead to the possibilities of success after dealing with this next unexpected event, toward the goal that is there ahead.  Last issue I talked about “Plan. Be.”  This one could have been titled, “Plan. See.”  Look ahead to the opportunities, and know that the best is just ahead…possibly around the next corner, the next phone call, the next client visit. 

Plan. See. 

Thanks for this cup, Alan!