Scelzi Enterprises’ new Gardener/Landscaper bodies could not have been built before now. For years they were just a dream for Scelzi owner and Chief Designer Mike Scelzi. Ideas he’d sketch on napkins and in the margins of production reports. But the limits of the best commercial press brake and shear equipment money could buy prevented the precision cuts and speed required to repeatedly build the truck body he wanted. Some parts would need to be outsourced and never quite fit as tightly as desired. The results were very high quality, but not the dream body Mike really wanted.

But technology has changed all that,  and those previous limits of cutting and fabricating steel sheets have been lowered. Those wishful doodles scribbled for several years are now engineered and built to Scelzi’s exacting quality standards and are being delivered to landscapers, gardeners, farmers and city maintenance crews across the USA. A new breed of truck bodies designed for landscaping professionals has emerged.


Lasers. In heavy metal production applications, they are very expensive and their proper operation has a steep learning curve. Computer-controlled by proprietary software, mastering their proper use is far beyond the reach of many machinists. But after Scelzi bought their first Amada laser cutting machine in 2015 (EMK Series), their eyes were opened to the possibilities. After several years perfecting their techniques, a bigger (better) brother Amada LCG laser arrived in 2018. Once Scelzi’s new laser technicians figured things out, there were new, higher limits on what they could produce. The LCG can even run unattended, working its way through a stack of steel sheets while cutting out a pre-programmed array of shapes and sizes, all ready for immediate welding into place.  It’s like having R2D2 as your master machinist.

“Our lasers have really expanded our creativity,” states Mike Scelzi. “Whenever you design a new body or think of future enhancements, in the back of your mind you are always thinking about how you are going to reliably and repeatedly build them. We need our repeat customers to know that whether they purchase seven or just one, the quality tolerances will be the same.”


Rather than limit themselves to a single body design, Scelzi now offers three different variations for their Landscaper/Gardener truck body:

Package A – Features a single hinged fold-down horizontal side door for increased flexibility.

Package B – This classic design has been the most popular choice so far in 2022 and features a swing-out front door near the cab on both sides of the body.

Package C – Features dual hinged fold-down side doors for maximum flexibility.

Note: Each package includes a Double-Acting Scelzi Hoist and a Polyurea-coated cargo area for added rust and corrosion protection, as well as a semi-automatic tarp system. In addition, the fold-down side doors on Packages A and C feature a patent pending rotary activated latch system that increases holding power and durability, while also enhancing the ease of use over traditional truck body latching systems.


Production leaders at Scelzi are keeping their eyes on coming advances in laser and other cutting technologies. Plasma torches, punch and fiber laser combinations, and other emerging technologies are all being reviewed. Their purchase and use will ultimately depend on their ability to create unique body features and increase production speed, while also enhancing the legendary Scelzi Commitment to Quality.

“We didn’t get to where we are by slapping things together as quickly as we can,” notes Scelzi. “But the lasers allow us such tighter tolerances and closer fit between components that we can assemble them much faster, an added side benefit.”

What is the next technology breakthrough for Scelzi? Stay tuned.