Plan.  Be. 

It seems that in the current situation, we are feeling bombarded on every side, as is our dealership.  As are the customers we serve.  We are not alone!  It seems that, in our technical age, with instant everything, answers are more elusive, more distant, than they have ever been. 

Regardless, it is up to us to take the positive, high road…the lead, if you will, as we work our way through to the solution to challenges we face. 

It helps to be with others, together in a group—a professional Truck Club when possible—finding resources that work for our peers. 

While it is important to plan, I recall reading somewhere that people who have written five-year goals—

Written. Five. Year. Goals.

… have a greater chance to achieve them than we who don’t Write. Them. Down.

That said, who of us having written five-year goals in 2017 would have any idea as to what has transpired to make these goals a reality, now that it is 2022? 

Still, it is a safe bet that those folks who wrote out goals in 2017 are ahead of meeting the goals compared to we (I confess) who didn’t write them down. 

So, here is the challenge, the opportunity, that each of us has before us today. 

I’ll write mine down.  You write yours down.  Then, in the Fall of 2027, let’s make a note to reflect on what we planned, and how we worked through the labyrinth of unexpected changes and challenges and achieved to a greater degree than those who scoffed or stalled, and didn’t do it. 

I want to Be.  So I am committing to Plan. 

In the meantime, Enthusiastic Living, and Good Selling,