Working Together, Growing Together

Premier Truck Rental has been in business since 2014, working alongside commercial construction companies across the United States for their custom truck, utility trailer, equipment trailer, and specialty equipment needs. Located on the south side of Fort Wayne, Indiana, PTR is owned by Rob Troxel, CEO, and Adriene Horn, President; they’re a father-daughter duo who are passionate about providing custom fleet solutions to customers. Since its founding, PTR has grown into a nationwide rental house, renting specialty pieces across the nation, with multiple locations and over 100 employees.
Ryan Yerrick, PTR’s Procurement Manager, has been with the company since 2014, being one of the first people to join the team. He has spent his time at PTR building relationships with vendors and creating lasting partnerships.
“PTR and Reading crossed paths when I reached out to them to establish an account in early 2015. Prior to that, PTR had purchased a handful of 1-ton service bodies from other lots. I reached out to Reading’s corporate office, and shortly after PTR received our first Reading unit with these off-the-lot purchases” said Yerrick. Since that time, Reading Truck’s Director of National Accounts, Bill Pruemer, and the Reading team have been working with PTR in a variety of ways to create shared value. “Reading has done installations on 1-ton and 2-ton service bodies for PTR at Reading facilities throughout the years when our production capacity could not keep up with the yearly demand,” stated Yerrick. “They have also become one of PTR’s main providers for quality mechanic and service bodies, like the RM-45 crane body and the Classic II service body.”
“We’re thrilled to be partnering with PTR; with them, we are able to leverage our full suite of capabilities to aid with PTR’s growth,” stated Bill Pruemer. Yerrick agrees. “Reading and PTR’s relationship is unique because both companies have seen significant growth over the last 8 years. Reading’s increased geographical footprint has aided in PTR’s growth and helped us reach new areas of the country and new customers. Reading’s key strengths are their quickness to respond to their customers, and their willingness to think outside the box. This outside-the-box thinking allows Reading and PTR to continue to explore other business opportunities together.” That shared focus on meeting customer needs is also evident in the work our two businesses have done to design and manufacture custom builds to meet PTR’s unique needs,” said Pruemer. “Their success is our success.”

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