MaxAir Mechanical Increases Efficiency With a Solid Dealer-Distributor Partnership

MaxAir Mechanical, based out of Atlanta, knows a thing or two about the importance of having both a distributor and dealer who work together on behalf of the customer.
For years, the MaxAir fleet was split into two different departments: construction and service. With this split came a lack of consistency during the upfitting process. Construction vehicles were handled with the “get what you get” mentality, whereas the service vehicles utilized the Nissan program.

Nate Toth, V.P. of Operations at MaxAir Mechanical, knew that they had to improve the upfitting process when the Nissan vehicle they had gotten for years was going to be discontinued. Not only was this a matter of finding a vehicle replacement, but this was the perfect time to prioritize streamlining the process across multiple departments that had previously been disconnected.
While exploring their options, Durant Dobbs, Ford Sales Rep at Commercial Truck & Van (CTV), reached out to Toth about previous work that had been completed together. From there, initial discussions evolved into a solid plan. Toth worked closely with Ken Yeager, Fleet Manager at Loganville Ford and Dobbs at CTV to ensure that they were getting the correct vehicles and upfits for each department.
Dobbs helped design an Adrian Steel upfit that would maximize efficiency and safety for the technicians. Taking the level of service one step further, when Toth’s team realized that some features weren’t working out as planned, Dobbs re-evaluated the upfit and made adjustments.
Toth immediately noticed the positive impact that the streamlined process, complete with custom Adrian Steel upfits, made on his fleet. With minimal product-related issues and vehicles that are on the road, MaxAir technicians are now more productive and efficient.
“The fact that Dobbs still checks in on us and adjusts our upfits to our needs shows how much CTV cares about their customers,” Toth said. “Although Commercial Truck and Van is not our closest distributor, the level of service and commitment they show to my business will keep me going back.”
Toth no longer has to worry about what vehicles are going to show up and how they will be upfitted. He simply lets Yeager know how many vehicles he needs and they get delivered to his location, ready for the job. What used to be chaotic and inconsistent, is now a seamless process.
“Both Yeager and Dobbs go out of their way to make sure that my fleet is up to par and their level of service is unmatched,” Toth said.

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