Letter from the President:

The New Rules of Engagement:
Plan Further Ahead

For those of us who have been developing long-term relationships with small fleet operations, we have a huge, unique opportunity in 2022. To our old customers, the dealership looks the same and we haven’t changed… but the field on which we are engaging is different. Oh, the field we are on appears the same, but the sidelines are different, the shape of the ball has changed, and new rules abound. Much has changed over the past two-plus years.
Our great opportunity is to understand the new rules and adapt for the sake of our long-term clients. Our competitors find themselves in the same changed field and rules, so we don’t necessarily have to worry about losing our client to another brand. And, as we take the lead and let clients know about the new rules and how they affect their near-term purchase, we help them immensely.
The progressive, aggressive fleet/commercial specialist can invest precious energy communicating with and educating clients that are accustomed to coming to the dealership and driving away with a new dump body, service body, etc. Some may complain and moan, but now they must look further ahead, further than they ever have. They can’t wait until their unit is dead on the side of the road to plan its replacement. And this is our opportunity to make them aware of the need to look forward and plan their next purchase; to place an order NOW in this new environment, so that they are prepared for their business to continue to grow and prosper, and indeed to survive.
Their competitors in their vocation face the same challenges, have to scale the same walls to succeed, so the sooner they respond and adapt, the better. Better for them, better for us.
We who are specialists in this arena will provide the light at the end of the tunnel that fleet/commercial clients may not even realize they are in! As they check out the reality that we’ve told them about, they can look far and wide at competitors and realize that we are in a unique position to help… we know the new field, and are here to help them succeed.
There is no alternative to this for their survival, and ultimately their success, nor is there one for yours and mine. The sooner we are proactive, making clients aware of the advantage of planning ahead, the better off all of us will be.
The old adage goes: “When you’re up to your neck in horse manure…the optimist says, ‘There must be a pony nearby!’” Be that optimist and let’s go find it – for the benefit of all!

Good Selling,

Joe Hughes
President, NFTC