By Lesley Lopez, Mitsubishi HC Capital America

Mitsubishi HC Capital America is there when it counts for Emerald Transportation Solutions

Many businesses claim to offer “solutions,” but Joe Dickman, CEO of Emerald Transportation Solutions, is truly in the business of providing vital solutions to customers. Emerald Transportation Solutions builds and sells refrigerated trucks and vans to companies that deliver goods requiring exacting temperature and humidity control. Whether it’s food, art, medical supplies or even animals, the vehicles – and the purchase – can be complex and nuanced.
“As a dealer and a manufacturer, working directly with the end user, having a good finance partner is critical,” says Joe, who co-owns Emerald with Todd Cawley. The team at Mitsubishi HC Capital America has been the answer for their company for nearly 20 years (the company formed with the 2021 merger of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Hitachi Capital). Mitsubishi HC Capital America offers flexible loan and lease programs to work truck dealers across the country, allowing companies like Emerald to effectively manage vehicle financing for their end customers.

“Our customers are everything to us,” Joe says. “We need to make sure the financing process is smooth, streamlined and efficient for them – without pain.” He points out that a lender must really understand his business and his customers’ needs, know how to put together effective packages, and be able to handle the funding process in a timely manner. Not every bank will finance his customers’ purchases, or might only do so with large down payments. “Mitsubishi HC Capital America takes the time to work with us on all kinds of deals with all types of customers.”
Perhaps most important is the relationship that has developed between Emerald and Mitsubishi HC Capital America. “People do business with people,” explains Joe, referring to a “family feel” in doing business with the Work Truck Finance division. “We know the people in their credit department, we know our rep well, and we know that we value each other’s business.”

At the same time, he says that Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s tenure and experience in financing gives Emerald credibility with their customers. The two companies have grown with each other over the years, and have weathered and shared in growth spurts, market shifts and economic ups and downs. “Mitsubishi HC Capital America has been there for us and for our customers throughout everything.” One recent example occured at the beginning of the pandemic, where Mitsubishi HC Capital America stretched out payment time periods, and even offered a 90-day no-payment period.
Joe appreciates the fact that Mitsubishi HC Capital America has built a program around Emerald’s business. He sees the results on a regular basis. “Over and over, we hear our customers say, ‘It was so easy,’ referring to the financing. That’s when you know you’ve found a good financing partner.”
Emerald Transportation Solutions has come a long way since Joe and Todd teamed up in 2013, creating the industry leader in the refrigerated truck and van space. With headquarters in Fayetteville, Georgia, the dealer/manufacturer also operates a 93,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia. Emerald continues to grow and expand in markets and volume, thanks in large part to strong financing partnerships. “Mitsubishi HC Capital America is there for us,” says Joe. “I can’t think of a lender that does it better.”

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