Nationally based Liberty Utilities provides water, electricity, and natural gas service to over 1 million customers. Founded in 1988, their mission is to deliver clean energy and water solutions that create better everyday lives and inspire the communities they serve. One of their guiding principles is Continuous Learning — and keeping an open mind while seeking new information and experiences. This affects the kind of people they add to their team, and the tools and equipment they use, including a fleet of nearly 350 of various types of work trucks. Over time they have tried many brands. Their current choice is the premium truck bodies built by Scelzi Enterprises.

“We didn’t start with Scelzi truck bodies,” notes Fleet Supervisor Elias Hernandez, “but we learned about them as time went on. As part of the utility business, trade shows have been a great resource for learning about equipment and showcasing accessories and vehicles. From those, we were able to review all the different manufacturers of utility work beds. My first impression of a Scelzi bed was the paint quality and application, and overall construction and rugged design. Very clearly a winning combination. I’ve been in the fleet business for over thirty years and have learned what happens when you purchase with too much emphasis on lowest initial purchase cost. The value of those cheaper beds drops pretty quickly. Not so with Scelzi beds.”
Liberty purchases approximately three new Scelzi work trucks each year, from standard utility service bodies to larger, one-off custom builds. For truck body types that Scelzi does not build, bodies from other builders are used.

Hernandez notes the challenges of a Fleet Manager in the utility sector: “It’s difficult to provide trucks and equipment — all subject to different working conditions — and be ready for the next day’s assignments. Scelzi truck beds have given our operations an added value to the job. Knowing that each truck bed is equipped with enough storage space for heavy tools, that also can be easily secured with a single locking mechanism, and exceptional bed and paint coating that can take the punishment of a work site. Also, there is the added bonus of equipment and accessory installation that Scelzi provides. That ensures we have a vehicle ready for service. Scelzi has always gone the extra mile with the assistance of knowledgeable sales representatives and builders, assisting me with a one-off type build to standard beds that each application has met and exceeded my expectations.”

One interesting facet of the utility industry is that companies share new technologies and recommendations amongst each other. Scelzi has become well known in these circles as the premium quality choice. “We have shared our experience with other utilities,” notes Hernandez. “Bar none, Scelzi Enterprises has continuously produced a superlative utility bed that’s performed flawlessly, withstanding the test of time and punishment of our daily operation. Every utility bed is meticulously manufactured – quality you notice every day on the job that speaks for itself. “
Liberty Utilities plans to continue to purchase Scelzi truck bodies as long as that quality continues. Hernandez adds “We have a working relationship with local dealerships that enables the ordering of a chassis cab and our choice of bed manufactures. Scelzi, in the past and present, has provided additional bumper to bumper service with equipment installation, accessories, and lighting that makes it an easy choice for future purchases.”

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