Bob Miller Masonry, Inc. (BMMI) is a full-service concrete and masonry contractor providing layout, land clearing, footers and grade beams, slab on grade, concrete block, cast in place concrete beams, structural slabs, stairs, and columns.
BMMI, located in Sarasota County, Florida, services the greater Sarasota / Manatee counties and beyond. The area has seen an unprecedented 132,000 (20 %) 11-year population growth. This has meant an unprecedented increase in home and commercial construction.
“We continue to specify and buy Ford Trucks” reports Chad Miller, the grandson of the founder of BMMI. “We have found the Ford product to be very durable and reliable over the long run, even given the use in some of our challenging job sites. We have a fleet of 30 trucks, including (20) F350 Crew Cabs with Premier custom flatbed/rack system work truck bodies.”
Miller went on to say, “We established a relationship with Premier Truck Center as a manufacturer of our custom bodies many years ago and that continues to this day. It began when my Grandfather and Dad approached the Premier TC business partner Jim Lavieri with unique body requirements for our Ford chassis.
We found the right guy who gave us a lot of options that we could not find elsewhere. These bodies have evolved over the years, adding options which have served us well in our daily operations.
In addition to giving us a great product that serves our needs, Premier always stands behind the product if there are any warranty issues; that is a very big deal with us.”
Premier Truck Bodies, from 8 foot to 26 foot, are considered by contractors to be highly durable and reliable for heavy duty applications. Premier will go the extra mile to build a product to meet the customer’s needs, adding options that may not be available from other manufacturers.

Find more information at premiertruckbodies.com

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BMMI F350 Crew Cab with Premier 10 Foot Custom Truck Body with Forklift Loadable Rack