Sutton Ford has been providing vehicles and work trucks in Matteson, IL and surrounding areas for over 30 years. During this time, they’ve built up a large portfolio of truck equipment upfits from major suppliers. Developing positive relationships has been the bread and butter of their business. Not only with their customers, but with equipment dealerships.
Sutton Ford Fleet Directors, Alex Kadish and Kyle Mohrbach found a cycle that proves to be a success – one based upon trust. Customers come back again and again to tap their experience and extensive knowledge of the work truck industry. Such know-how uniquely situates them to understand a customer’s business needs and pair them with a truck perfectly suited to do the job.
Behind the scenes it all begins with a Ford chassis. Kadish and Morbach work with an equipment dealership that provides that truck with an upfit and equipment installation. Once assembled, they sell the package to their customers. Over the years they have worked with many equipment dealers for upfits. One of them being Michigan dealer, B&B Truck Equipment. There, they work closely with Outside Sales Rep, Paul Baker, who first introduced them to Switch-N-Go® as one of the latest innovations in the work truck market.
Sutton saw the value of the Switch-N-Go® system for their customers and began selling them three years ago. They saw how the interchangeable truck body solution would be a unique opportunity for their customers to be more reactive as a business than those with hooklift or permanent mount units. Plus, the process of upfitting a Ford chassis with a Switch-N-Go® hoist ready to accommodate multiple truck bodies is faster, resulting in customers getting their units in record times. With the choice of electric-over-hydraulic or full hydraulic hoists and nearly 30 truck bodies, customers can maximize their work trucks and their workdays. Since 2019, Sutton has stocked at least one upfitted unit on their lot, which has brought with it opportunities they never expected.
The versatility of the system and the utilization of nationwide marketing tools, such as Commercial Truck Trader, allows Sutton to target a wide range of clients, leading to sales coast to coast. Many new customers find them online or come in for a new truck, see a demonstration of the system, and find value in it, with several returning for a second and third upfit.
If a customer returns and asks about additional bodies, Sutton will often put them in contact with Baker and B&B Truck Equipment, allowing them to purchase directly from the equipment dealer. This adds another level of trust for the customer, showing that Sutton “doesn’t like adding extra cost to the customer if they don’t need to”, says Mohrbach. Being a dealership with that mentality is why customers keep coming back.

While being a commercial truck dealer comes with great opportunities, it also comes with considerable challenges. The most recent obstacle being the nationwide limited chassis availability. Mohrbach claims that Switch-N-Go® has helped to offset those challenges by offering a single chassis in place of three. “Many companies need the ability to use their trucks throughout the day and not be tied down to a jobsite. The ability to leave a dumpster box for a roofing company is a great example. They can have a dedicated driver that drops and picks up boxes from multiple job sites with a single truck” states Mohrbach.
Notes Mohrbach, “It takes a lot of trust with the dealer and the customer, and being in business with B&B Truck Equipment and Switch-N-Go®, Sutton provides the customer with the best possible outcome – a versatile and reliable system that easily installs on a single truck chassis and does the work of three.”