Growing Working Partnerships

Having the right partner in the Commercial Vehicle Market is key to being able to build the best solution for your customers. Finding the best partner can be difficult, but not impossible—it’s part skill, part luck, and being aware of your available options and the opportunities that the market presents. Looking at examples of productive collaboration is a good place to start.

Valley Truck Centers (Valley) took a chance when working to meet their customer needs, reaching out to a newly formed upfitter company—and they hit paydirt. They developed a rock solid relationship with Driverge (formerly Mobility Works), and it’s one that has lasted and grown for 25 years.
Driverge and Valley worked hard over the years, within the constraints of the market and product availability, to provide mobility solutions (and more) for customers who had their own unique challenges, all from the foundation of a trusting and collaborative relationship.
The two companies have been especially diligent in balancing the challenges in an increasingly disruptive market, one in which this Dealership-Upfitter relationship is even more essential to meet customer needs.
“That has always been our Mantra: Providing Solutions, Being Trusted Business Partners,” said Andy O’Donnell, VP and General Manager of Valley Truck Centers.

Recently, these dynamic company partners began to build a more comprehensive team by working with Sortimo, an upfitter with a long history of offering specialized custom solutions for their customers, bringing to the team the advantage of flexibility that allows them to adjust to the transitions that are taking place in the market in real time.
The relatively slow push toward Alt-Fuels over the years, with the looming pressure of decreasing the carbon footprint, has always been an underlying driver of the commercial market. Now with the increasingly urgent economic factors that customers are facing, such as high gas prices, long lead time for ordering vehicles and marketplace volatility, and the blooming development of the available technology, there is a sense of urgency to effect that change on all sides.
With the release of the E-Transit van and the ability to capitalize on their existing relationship with each other, Driverge and Valley Truck found a way to offer even better solutions to their customers by partnering with Sortimo – taking that worry out of the equation and offering peace of mind.

Working together, Driverge, Valley Truck Centers, and Sortimo presented their joint E-Transit Van Product at the May 2022 FordPros Business Accelerator Show in Chicago.
The fervent interest and response at the event (and social media posts) spanned a wide range of customers – different vocations, government, fleet and even other dealers that participated in the event – and built a lot of buzz and constructive discussions. All this led to the trio creating a fantastic solution to an exciting final-mile delivery company of perishable foods.
The team is looking forward to the unveiling of their new client’s solution, which is to be revealed during the 2022 Home Delivery World Event on August 31st to September 1st at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. FordPros will be making a special report to be released right after the event!
It may not always be easy to build lasting and adaptive partnerships, but it is possible, and the hard work is worth it in the end.

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