There’s a saying that goes like this: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” While it’s been attributed to many different leaders, who actually said it isn’t as important as what it means. And what it means is that anyone wanting to improve their knowledge (and skills) should surround themselves with people smarter than they are so they can learn and grow.
With the transformation the commercial vehicle industry has seen over the last two years – and continues to see, with no end in sight – taking heed of this saying is, at a minimum, as important as it’s ever been. Continuing to grow, learn, hear new ideas and strategies on how to implement them are what will keep setting you apart from others in the eyes of your customers.
As a FordPro you know that the relationship you have with your customers is the cornerstone of your success. You also know that these same customers look to you as the expert when it comes to commercial vehicles. From helping them simply find vehicles (a very big challenge right now), to making sure work trucks and vans fit their specific business requirements, to assisting them in planning for future business needs, your customers trust you to steer them in the right direction and offer good advice. And you simply can’t do that if you aren’t “in the know” with what’s happening in the industry.
At the Spring 2022 Commercial Vehicle Business Summit put on by Work Truck Solutions and, many of the smartest people in the room (ie. our industry) came together to share their thoughts, ideas and strategies. The sessions covered a wide range of topics centered around the transformation of the commercial vehicle space, from Trends Impacting Commercial Vehicles, to Dealership Evolution in a Changing Channel to Top Digital Tech that will Shake the Space. To see the full playlist, ensure you stay “in the know” and continue to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customers, click here.
In addition to these recordings, you might also find the Commercial Playbook to be a valuable resource. In it you can see data trends, along with tips to help your commercial department meet, and exceed, customer needs. Click here to access a digital copy.
Investing a little time learning from the experts in these videos, along with reading up on current trends and opportunities, can certainly prove valuable to your future success. And don’t be surprised if others see you as the smartest person in their “room” and ask you for advice and tips.

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