Adaptability: A Critical Skill In Times of Turmoil

Many of us are having a hard time remembering what “normal” used to be. In fact, how many years must you go back in your mind before you think that things were “normal”? Was it prior to the presidential election in 2016? Or was it February 2020, just before COVID began causing business shutdowns across the USA? Or was it later than that? Maybe back before 9-11? Your political viewpoints might affect your answer somewhat, but not completely. Or have you been totally unaffected by the events of the past 5+ years in both your personal and professional lives?

At Scelzi Enterprises, most of us would say that is not the case, and that we have been operating in unfamiliar territory for quite some time. During these uncertain times, both individual and core values become even more important, as well as adaptability to the situation. For everyone at Scelzi, maintaining premium product quality is at the forefront of every task they perform – and providing superior customer service to dealers and end users alike. Maintaining those two together has required a tremendous amount of effort, creativity, and adaptability over the past few years.

Maintaining Core Beliefs

“Maintaining a premium quality product when your supply lines are coughing and sputtering is not easy,” states Scelzi President Mike Scelzi. “We have scrambled repeatedly to steady the ship, and picked up some new management skills in the process. One mistake we may have made was in thinking that once we determined how to keep our doors open and keep our employees healthy and COVID-free, that we could handle anything. And then came the microchip and supply line hiccups.“

Current industry thinking seems to suggest the shortage of microchips will continue for the foreseeable future, and this will lead to sporadic outages that will disrupt production for most high volume truck body upfitters. The uncertainty of delivery times has caused quite a bit of pressure on Scelzi to cut production hours at certain locations – something they are not happy about. “You try so hard to find and train a great work team“ adds Scelzi, “and then through no fault of anyone on the team, there are gaps in component deliveries that lead to some shorter-than-ideal work shifts. It is especially frustrating as we try to ramp up production in our two newest facilities in Shafter (CA) and Tacoma (WA), and train those team members in the Scelzi way.”

Supply Lines And Ukraine

The supply chain challenges which caused material shortages beginning in 2021 have been made worse by the situation in Russia-Ukraine, which is certain to cause more upward pressure on fuel prices and steel production. “At a time when we should all be thankful we have survived COVID and focus instead on trying to manage the shipping port-container challenges, the situation in Ukraine adds even more problems,” Scelzi says. In addition to the human cost there, this adds yet another business variable that few saw coming.

At Scelzi Enterprises, the louder the noise and turmoil, the more they rely on their core values. There is adaptability to the “new norm” while still maintaining a singular focus on those themes that have taken the company to this point and will drive them until the last door is closed on the last truck body they build. Adaptability and creativity, and a focus on their Premium product quality and customer support: the driving forces behind Scelzi Enterprises since their very beginning.