The largest trade show for fleet/commercial vehicles finally returned to an “actual” face-to-face venue after a one-year hiatus, owing to Covid-19 issues.  It seemed that all the usual sponsors, attendees and body builders were there in full regalia. 

Showgoers were very active, and the attendance appeared to be just about the same as the 2020 show.  Several exhibitors commented that those in attendance were more intentional in their conversations with suppliers. 

The Ford booth had the same footprint as it has had in previous years.  The focus was on units that will be “the future:”  the Ford F150 Lightning and the E-Transit vans.  Only two non-electric vehicles were in the booth, an E450 Cutaway and an F650 cab/chassis.  There were no references to other fuel alternatives, no propane- or CNG- alternatives. 

The emphasis at the “Ford Grass Roots” meeting was almost entirely focused on the new electric vehicles that will be coming. The press briefing reflected the same almost-total emphasis on the electric units. 

The Ford OEM meeting was in the largest meeting room ever and was standing-room-only.  The emphasis was on the Lightning and the E-Transit.  Although the Ford booth mostly emphasized electric vehicles, there was more traditional Ford chassis presence than ever in the show at large, with literally hundreds of F-Series Cab Chassis, as well as Medium Duties, with diverse “finishes”. Truly highlighting the complete trucks that are the heartbeat of American commerce.  The Ford Transits were on wide display with bodybuilders and insert-builders that make this unit the over-the-top key vehicle for their vocation-specific units as well.


In the same way that professional third-grade teachers are expected, required actually, to attend refresher courses in order to maintain their position, fleet/commercial specialists should not only be required by their OEM to stay up-to-date on the nuances of this market, but even more.  All Ford fleet/commercial specialists should “attend this graduate course” every year, to ensure that they have all the latest nuances beyond that of the Ford offerings, to include the Finished Fords that are on display, along with all the new latest trends that will serve your end-users.  Taking 2-3 days to get yourself prepared to meet the needs and  seize the opportunities in the coming year (and beyond) are critical to your success.  Plan ahead, and be at Work Truck Week 2023, Indianapolis, March 7-9, 2023. 


Take a look at only a fraction of what you missed, by logging on to https://nationalfordtruckclub.com/ and observe only a small part of what you missed: if you weren’t there, you should have been.