By doubling their body product offerings in the last 12 months, Switch-N-Go® has over 25 interchangeable truck bodies serving target customer groups in Landscaping, Municipal, Residential Trash, Arbor, and Construction, making them the leading manufacturer in work truck solutions.
For over two decades, Switch-N-Go® has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. With advantages over both traditional permanent mount units as well as hooklift units, Switch-N-Go® offers endless opportunities to maximize investment and optimize the workday. Designed specifically for vehicles with a GVWR of up to 33,000lbs, Switch-N-Go® is ideal for class 4-7 chassis cabs and can be installed on a variety of domestic and imported vehicles. The hoist system is available in electric-over-hydraulic and full-hydraulic models with up to 18,000lb lifting capacities.
Switch-N-Go® offers a full line of standard products, including dump bodies, flatbeds, drop box dumpsters, and WorkReady™ subframes. They recently expanded into more specialty products with solutions available in stainless and aluminum options as well. It is important to note that all of Switch-N-Go® products are designed to be paired with the popular Ford chassis 84” cab-to-axle (CA) platform.
Here is a sneak peek of the latest Switch-N-Go® innovations that you can see in person at the 2022 Work Truck Week (WTW22) in Indianapolis, March 8-11.

Hoist System
Released mid-2021, the Switch-N-Go® hoist system was redesigned with improvements in installation, operation, and maintenance. Staying true to their promise to provide ongoing innovations for the work truck industry, Switch-N-Go®, along with partner Warn Industries, will unveil a new winch that is 3 times more durable than previous models. Switch-N-Go® anticipates that hoist systems with this new winch will begin to ship out in April of 2022.

WorkReady™ Subframe
The Switch-N-Go® WorkReady™ Subframe has been engineered to increase vehicle payload and operator visibility while decreasing corrosion from material build-up. They redesigned the legs of the subframe, making them much lighter and easier to adjust by switching from ground rollers to skid pads. With retractable legs, the WorkReady™ Subframe provides a quick and efficient loading and unloading process, leading to less time between job-sites and less spillage of materials. Plus, the reengineered frame has a 39% increase in load capacity as compared to the old design.
At WTW22, Switch-N-Go® will be featuring the Salt Spreader Body with the WorkReady™ Subframe. This pair features an 11’ Subframe with a 9” cutout and a custom V-Box spreader featuring a 12” angled front extension to allow for improved weight distribution. Available in Electric and Hydraulic spreader models, you will be able to see this in person at Work Truck Week.

Versi-Fit™ Bumper System
The redesign of the Switch-N-Go® bumper, now known as the Versi-Fit™ Bumper System, is equipped with Plug and Play lighting integration and interchangeable hitch and height options. The bumper allows for greater towing versatility, with a 20,000lb tested trailer weight capacity. Not only does the Versi-Fit™ Bumper System function with Switch-N-Go® upfitted trucks, but also for hooklift and direct mount body applications. The Versi-Fit™ Bumper System is also available for OEM specific and universal bolt-on

and weld-on solutions, making it a bumper system for any work truck with unmatched versatility.

Dump Body with Fold Down Sides
The previous design of the fold down sides on the Switch-N-Go® Dump Body required operators to bolt the side boards to the board pockets. This could be very time consuming when they would want to remove them for a slightly greater payload. With a simple adjustment to the board pockets on the fold down sides, they have made it easier. This design improvement simply requires the board to be placed in and lifted out whenever needed.

Wireless Remote Control
Switch-N-Go® stocked 100 units of their E and H-Series hoist Wireless Remote Control in February and is currently testing the legacy hoist control. This control is easy to install and easy to use with Plug and Play integration and single-handed operation, even with gloves. Plus, the wireless remote is weatherproof, allowing you to operate in any climate. This compact and robust design gives you free range to walk around your truck while loading and unloading a body rather than being tethered to the truck.

Please join Switch-N-Go® in Booth #1333 at the NTEA’s Work Truck Week to learn more about their latest products and releases. They will have product presentations all show long and sales representatives in the booth available to talk.

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