Cup o’ Joe: Re-Just-About-Everything

The incredible events of these past two years have given each of us pause in so many areas.  It seems that nothing is “like it used to be…”  There is some truth to that, but if we are patient, there is some opportunity in that, as well.  Only a few years ago, none of us had GPS.  Now all of us are constantly called to “rerouting.”  This is now us on a global scale. 

Re: Ordering

With the critical shortage of key components, Ford is rightly tightening the ordering process for new vehicles.  Nobody can “fake” an order any more.  That’s bad…for those who have been in the habit of manipulating the process.  For the rest, it levels the playing field so that true orders get the priority they deserve, regardless of dealership size.

Re: Tooling

Just as with GPS, there are incredible tools that are available now, if we choose to invest in purchasing them, and learning how effective they can be in the right hands.  The components that are in place at Work Truck Solutions go well beyond the original vision of locating vocation-ready cab/chassis and vans.  Their marketing support is exponentially broader than ever.  As we take on the new challenges, these tools are key to success.

Re: Building

The body builders that are so deeply supportive of all the terrific upgrades in Ford chassis and vans only serve to make the Ford Commercial Dealer even more effective in not only holding share, but positioning ourselves for a terrific future. 

Re: Routing

It’s key right now for me to re:member [sic] that the clients that I have served still need to hear from me, even if my news doesn’t sound good.  This too will pass, and the relationships I have built will remain strong as long as I stand ready to serve.

Happy New Year!