Work Truck Solutions® announced the introduction of Private Offer capabilities to help dealerships market specific commercial vehicles during the current inventory crisis, while also maximizing bottom line revenue opportunities.

“With work truck inventory being in such short supply, but demand still being very high, our aim was to develop additional tools to assist commercial vehicle dealerships – and with Private Offer, we’ve again hit the mark,” said Kathryn Schifferle, Work Truck Solutions CEO. She added, “Private Offer enables our customers to mark specific commercial inventory as ‘available’ only to those business buyers whom they choose, such as those receiving an exclusive email offer.  This helps zero in on a subset of potential customers, similar to private auctions where only specific buyers have access. And it also provides the ability to presell vehicles, such as a chassis that is in the process of being upfitted while not on a dealer’s lot, getting that customer the vehicle they need.”   

Combining the Private Offer tool with other Work Truck Solutions offerings, such as the BusinessBuilder social media service, the Communicator email solution, or Commercial CRM capabilities, dealerships can be very selective when promoting work trucks, SUVs and vans to specific audiences. Schifferle wrapped up her comments by saying, “With Private Offer, we’ve taken what’s traditionally been a shotgun marketing approach and made it a laser-focused effort. Potential buyers have exclusive access to the vehicles they need and commercial vehicle department profits are maximized. With this type of targeting, the scarcity of inventory is properly managed, while still meeting market demand and the dealership’s operating needs.”