Happy to be on the Road Again at Digital Dealer

While not the first show/expo to go back to an in-person format, it was one of the bigger events to do so.  With dealership personnel and vendors in attendance, it was a great opportunity to catch up with contacts, friends and partners!

Here’s a few themes we heard on the show floor.

  1. Inventory – or more appropriately, a lack of inventory. The inventory challenge continues as chip shortages, and overall supply chain issues, impact the ability to get the work trucks and vans needed to meet business customer demand.  That said, many commercial vehicle departments are training their customers on the ordering process and a transition from an allocation system.  
  2. Workforce/labor shortages. Finding good, reliable team members has become even more challenging.  Some people have simply opted out of the workforce, making it that much harder to staff dealerships. But it’s not just our industry, it’s everywhere. How many restaurants and other entities have “now hiring” signs out? Everyone agreed that digital tools for efficiency have become even MORE important.
  3. Closely related to #2 is how to keep good team members on-board. And it’s not only related to the pandemic, but also to the change in age of today’s workforce. The good news here is many of you are getting creative when it comes to engaging your teams and making sure they know how much you value them.
  4. EVs and alternative fuel vehicles. If you thought a shift to these would come SOME day, be careful you don’t get run over. This move to non-traditional fuel types is here and if you’ve not worked on educating yourself, you need to start now. Look for resources that can help, such as the Work Truck Solutions Commercial Vehicle Business Summit YouTube playlist, plus read about EVs in this issue.

Our industry is very resilient and we have many innovative solutions at our disposal.  Even though the environment is challenging, there’s also opportunities to grow, so be sure to seek those out!