Cup o’ Joe: Business as Un-Usual

You don’t want to hear any more about how tough it is right now, dealing with the shortage of inventory.  You don’t want to hear any more about how much your clients, both prospects and suspects, are desperate for answers that simply don’t exist.  

How soon will this shortage be over?  Why is there a shortage?  Why can’t you find me a chassis like you always have in the past?  Why do some dealers have at least SOME inventory, and you have NONE?  

You’re already sick and tired of saying the three dreaded words, “I don’t know.”  You can’t even say the next three words…”I’ll find out.”  Because nobody can project the future any better than you can.  

Having just returned from the Utility Show (formerly the I.C.U.E.E) in Louisville, I don’t have any more insights than when I left.  My “insiders” told me in March that, by now, the chip shortage would be a memory.  Now, I am left with the feeling that it may well be another year—or longer—until the inventory levels are returned to some normalcy.  

As that piece works itself out, the revolutionary move of the industry (lead by Ford) to electrified vehicles will change the face of industry in ways we can’t even imagine.  It is likely that, five years from now—no, three years from now—we can’t imagine what the landscape of the industry, of commercial/industrial trucks and vans, will be.  

Do this, write down your thoughts as to what this segment of the vehicle business will look like in three years, then wrap it up in a time capsule and bury it in the back of your desk drawer.  Then take it out in October, 2024 and read it.  You will laugh your head off.  

But in the meantime, hold down the fort.  Take the time to learn everything you can about electrification, about alternative fuels, about other nuances that are now available that make drivers’ actions safer, that enable employers to be able to “see” their employees as they drive as mad liabilities through traffic irresponsibly.  

But don’t do this: quit.  

It’s going to be worth what we are going through, as we come out of this on the other side.  Business will continue to grow, opportunities will abound, and the survivors will be so glad we stayed.

Stay faithful to the work, seize every opportunity to grow.

Trust me.   We who do will be glad we did.