Combining Best-in-Class Technologies Delivers Unbeatable Solutions

As America’s commercial truck leader for more than 30 years, Ford has been listening to their customers and continuously making improvements on their products to continue that tradition. In 2019, one of those improvements came to life when Ford announced that Class 3-5 chassis cabs and the newly released F-600 trucks would have a new standard, being equipped with a Live-Drive Power Take-Off (PTO). This feature, which was previously only an option, allows an operator to take power from the engine of the truck and transfer it to another upfitted component, either stationary or while in motion. An ideal scenario for those looking to get more out of their work truck.

Similar to Ford, Switch-N-Go listens to its customers and has been providing solutions for businesses that want a work truck that can do more for over two decades. In March, we introduced the performance focused redesign of our hoist system. Available in both electric-over-hydraulic and full hydraulic models, it is designed for class 4-7 chassis cab vehicles with a GVWR of 13,500-33,000lbs and a Cab-to-Axle of 60”-138”. With advantages over both traditional permanent mount units as well as hooklift units, Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck body solutions including dumps, arbor, platform, dumpster, landscape, salt spreader, dry van and storage bodies, as well as WorkReady™ subframes for specialized equipment upfits. This versatility allows owners to build their ideal work truck for every job or season by matching the system they need with the chassis they want.

Last year, Switch-N-Go® announced the addition of a family of specialized products optimal for the Winter season. A Stainless Steel Dump Body that supports an under tailgate spreader and V-Box Salt Spreader Body with Subframe (VSP-11). Our uniquely shaped stainless V-Box spreader and subframe design allows for superior safety through improved weight distribution and hauling capacity over other designs. The subframe design, engineered for all 11’ systems and trucks with an 84” Cab-to-Axle, features a 9” cutout in the rear providing more weight in front of the rear axle and 4 jack stands for smooth transitions between loading and unloading with no need to fold the spinner up. The specialized Switch-N-Go® V-Box Spreader has a 12” angled front extension, providing a 4.8 cubic yard capacity and features an electric conveyor to operate with our popular electric hoist system. 

Just in time for the Winter season, Switch-N-Go® has engineered an entire hydraulic package that will support several industries, including municipalities in the market for a new hydraulic solution. Along with the electric conveyor, Switch-N-Go® has researched and added a hydraulic driven control system for the VSP-11, as well as a combination Stainless Steel Oil Tank with a hydraulic Spreader/Power Beyond control system. Pairing them with a Switch-N-Go® hydraulic hoist system, you can cater to customers who are looking to purchase a truly field ready solution for salt application.

Combining the Switch-N-Go® Hydraulic hoist system and integrated spreader control with the Live Drive PTO of a Ford Truck allows you to provide your customers with the most capable and fully flexible hydraulic work truck solution in the industry. The Power Beyond capabilities of the hydraulic hoist’s spreader control package allows operators to do even more, by providing power for equipment such as cut saws, salt spreaders, trash pumps, pressure washing rigs, generators, and more. Plus, the low gear and low speed operations of the Ford Live Drive PTO is the only PTO that functions in a way that allows Switch-N-Go® to operate as intended, rather than installing an under-hood clutch pump. 

Furthermore, because the Ford transmission supports PTO operation at a wide range of speeds, the Switch-N-Go® bundle of the hydraulic system with Power Beyond capabilities can be used to support the loading, unloading, and operation of this specialty hydraulic spreader body, along with other hydraulic equipment while parked and even during transport. While moving, the Switch-N-Go® system can support salt spreader operations ranging from parking lot to highway speeds.

The combination of the superior Ford transmission with its industry leading PTO and the Switch-N-Go® full hydraulic platform can change the way your customers do business in any season. With the Switch-N-Go® system along with the nearly 30 interchangeable bodies available, you can deliver unbeatable solutions. Are you ready to do more?