Chico Driverge Dons More Technology: GEARING UP FOR EXPANSION

Recently, the National Ford Truck Club toured the Chico Driverge location, specializing in ADA Transport and Secure Transport Upfits. This location was formally NorCal Vans, but was acquired back in January of this year. Our guide was Todd LaPant, formerly Owner and Director of operations of NorCal Vans, now Director of Engineering at Driverge.

There has been some rapid growth and numerous changes at this facility nestled in and among the college housing which grew up around them over the previous 20 years. Despite the limited space, the location is thriving, having as many as 15 upfits in the shop at any given time. They have also been expanding and developing their storage and work space to be both streamlined and accessible.

Another big change in the near future is a shift to using a brand new Shop Sabre CNC (computer numerical control) Router – which boasts perks like being able to cut plastics, woods and aluminum. This USA-made machine allows Driverge to shift away from older technology and makes way for both increased efficiencies and new product development.

Long term plans for the operation include searching for a larger facility, and all aspects of growth including the increased capital investments in other assets that typically follow such an acquisition, while in the meantime dealing with the limited space in their current location.
And to put icing on the cake, Chico Driverge just got the exciting news that they met Ford’s QVM certification standards.
Chico Driverge prides themselves on having an open, team-oriented work environment. Their morning team meetings assess not only work projects but allow for understanding what curve balls life is throwing at each of the team members, especially in light of the challenges of the past 18 months. ADA Transport and Secure Transport are growth areas for dealers, and Chico Driverge is building great products to meet FordPros’ customer needs.