Good people are getting harder to find.
That seems to be true when searching for new employees in 2021.
It also appears to be true when searching for dependable suppliers and key vendors.
The reasons seem obvious: workplace shutdowns and cutbacks due to Covid19; a shortage of key raw materials like steel, aluminum, and wood; and a government recovery plan that acts as both a helpful safety net but also to some degree reduces the need or desire to seek long-term productive employment. There is also the “millennial effect”, as many younger workers have a different view of the world and of their career than those before them.
In these hectic times, there are many reasons to be thankful for the key employees and suppliers that keep your business surviving and thriving.
Panella Trucking has faced these and many other challenges since it began operations in 1934. Based in Stockton, California, this family-owned business specializes in the transport of agriculture products throughout the western United States. From almonds, walnuts, and tomatoes, to onions, garlic, grapes, and more. For almost 90 years they have managed their business by following a few simple rules, and “keeping it simple” is one of them.
When it comes to selecting work truck cabs and bodies, they have found their supplier: Scelzi Enterprises.
“We bought our first service body from Scelzi in 2007”, states Owner Bob Panella, Sr, the founder’s son. “It was installed on a Ford F450. We knew right away we had found our work truck supplier.” While many suppliers are constantly streamlining designs to reduce the cost (and often the quality) in areas the customer does not immediately notice, Scelzi does not forget the main reason they have earned their reputation as the premium product in the field.
It has led to many more orders from Panella over the past 14 years. For service bodies, water trucks, and more. “In addition to the first-class quality of their truck bodies”, adds Panella, “their customer service and willingness to listen and respond to our unique needs is also very good. You know, they add a lot of details and features to their truck bodies that can only be appreciated by the guys who actually use that truck day after day. They aren’t just making cookie cutter bodies that are one size fits all.”


Has Ford also become a key supplier for Panella?

“Absolutely”, says Panella. “Especially for the smaller class sizes. We have tried them all, but once members of our crew got a couple of the Ford/Scelzi trucks, the superior quality was easy to see. The proof is in the long-term performance. We think the Ford chassis cabs are the toughest, most reliable and trouble-free small service trucks available.”
Ford trucks and Scelzi truck bodies. For Panella Trucking, that combination is such a ‘no brainer’, they can spend more time worrying about other aspects of their business. As Panella explains, “In our changing world — and it’s not always changing for the best — it is nice to have a supplier you can still count on.”

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