Dan Foley, Owner of Foley Mechanical based in Virginia, had been in the business for years before he realized that there was a better way of doing things when it came to his Ford work vans. It wasn’t until he connected with Adrian Steel, thanks to the ACCA, that it became clear to him that he needed to rethink their vehicle set-up.
“It used to be when we ordered our vehicles that I got them the way they came,” Foley said. “Whatever Ford provided from the factory, that’s what we accepted, but I didn’t realize there were alternatives to that. I just assumed you bought a commercial vehicle and you didn’t have a choice.”
Foley learned from Adrian Steel that your work van can become one of your biggest assets. Ashley Jerrell, Business Development Manager at Adrian Steel, traveled to Foley Mechanical to meet with the technicians, take vehicle measurements, walk through renderings of different interior upfits, and most importantly, truly understand the way Foley’s technicians work.
“The time Ashley spent with me and my tiny company to upfit two trucks tells me that they’re committed to their customers,” Foley said. “It doesn’t matter whether you get 100 trucks or two trucks, they gave me the same level of service as if I had a giant fleet. That was impressive to me and it let me know that the customer care and commitment was there.”
Foley describes the newly upfitted vehicles as a 180-degree turnaround from what they previously had. With tools and fittings securely placed in the right spot, his technicians can work much more efficiently than they have been able to in the past.
“When we’re on a job site, what kills us is looking for that one item you need. Now you can find it in 30 seconds because it’s organized,” Foley said. “We’ve got it set-up for exactly the way it’s being used, with all the parts and tools in the right place, and that makes a huge difference on the job site.”
For those concerned about the cost of upfitting their vehicles with Adrian Steel, Foley said that Ford rolled the upfit into the price of the vehicle, making it a painless process that is well worth the investment.
“I needed Adrian Steel’s expertise,” he said. “I knew what I wanted in the end, but I didn’t know how to get there. Adrian Steel was our guide through the entire process. The efficiency of having tools and parts where you want them, when you need them, and not in a big pile on the floor in the back, is going to pay dividends. It’s going to end up saving me money.



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