It starts with a click. Might be on a website. Or maybe social media. Perhaps it’s from an email you’ve sent. It could even be a phone call that originated with a click-to-call button.
Regardless, with technology continuously improving, and that thing we’ve been dealing with for the last 18 months that we’d all like to put behind us (COVID), buyers increasingly engage digitally before setting foot on your dealership’s lot.
And it’s not just retail customers shopping this way; commercial customers do so too. They’re running their businesses, from landscaping, to plumbing, to pool maintenance, and the search for the next vehicle they need must be convenient and fit into their schedule.
So this means you must have a strong digital presence so your commercial customers can find you and the work trucks, vans, SUVs and EVs they need to successfully operate their businesses. The logical place for them to start is with your website, so it’s critical for all your other marketing and advertising to direct customers right to your commercial vehicle inventory. Many dealerships also use national digital marketplaces to expand the reach of their inventory beyond their local market. After all, no matter where a customer might be – in your city or even another state – helping them find the vehicles they need is the name of the game.
So what if your problem is that you’re light on commercial inventory, like many dealerships are right now? Can using online inventory from elsewhere still help your business? You might be surprised that the answer is yes. While this might sound counter-intuitive, when you are the primary touch point for your customers’ needs it is the best way to keep them.
And there’s multiple ways you can approach it. Some commercial departments use from Work Truck Solutions as another inventory source for their customers if they don’t have what they need. Take Jeff B. who needed a fourth vehicle, but the dealership he was working with didn’t have it. They were on a tight timeframe as they were a new business and needed a truck ASAP, so the commercial salesperson with whom he was working pointed Jeff to Comvoy. And he was able to find what he needed on Comvoy in the short time window required, even though it was from a different dealership. As a result of such good customer service, you can bet the next time Jeff needs a work truck, he’ll be reaching out to that same commercial salesperson, even though it didn’t result in a sale for him personally.

Randy Marion Automotive’s Will Grant uses Comvoy a little differently, but with similar results. When customers are looking for specific vehicles he doesn’t have, he heads to Comvoy and does the search himself. Says Will, “It’s another way for me to satisfy my customers. I can search for what they need because of all the filters available – it points me to the exact work truck they requested.” A good example was Tod P. who had very specific requirements. He was looking for a silver F350, with leather interior and a 9.5 foot aluminum body, which he couldn’t find. In stepped Will armed with Comvoy. He was able to find exactly what Tod needed, even though it was really difficult for that customer to locate it, thanks to the search capabilities within Comvoy and Will’s skill.
The happy ending here is that Will was able to take care of his customer who will surely be coming back the next time he needs another commercial vehicle.
In today’s world, don’t be shy about using all the digital tools at your disposal. Doing things a little differently than the “other guys” helps you stand out from the crowd and continue to take good care of your customers.
Going that extra mile can make a world of difference!

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