Think about this scenario – A customer comes in, whether they are looking to start a business or need to replenish or expand their current fleet with additional trucks. However, the current chassis shortage limits the number of trucks you have on your lot. What can you do you help the customer and your dealership?

As a Switch-N-Go® truck dealer, you can provide your customer the power of a full fleet in one truck. Plus, you can continue to build the relationship with repeat body sales, laying the groundwork for a second truck purchase once inventory picks back up. All while Switch-N-Go® continues to adapt right alongside you.


Truck availability has been severely limited throughout the past year and a half. This has forced dealers to look at new and different ways of selling.

For two decades, Switch-N-Go® has been the solution, providing truck dealers a new way to sell to the work truck industry. Designed specifically for vehicles with a GVWR of up to 33,000lbs, Switch-N-Go® is ideal for class 4-7 chassis cabs and can be installed on a variety of domestic and import vehicles. The hoist system is available in electric-over-hydraulic and full-hydraulic models with up to 18,000lb lifting capacities. Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck bodies including dump, arbor, and storage bodies, as well as flatbeds, drop boxes, and WorkReady™ subframes for specialized equipment upfits. This versatility allows owners to build their ideal work truck by matching the system they need with the chassis they want.

Because Switch-N-Go® is a simple-to-use, detachable truck body system, owners will have the ability to stage jobs with materials and tools. When ready to go, it takes less than five minutes to interchange and get the truck back on the road. In addition, dropping the body at ground at a job site level can reduce injuries and keep their team safe.


With over 26 different work truck bodies available, the Switch-N-Go® product line can help you reach customers in new markets and create long lasting customer relationships. We’ve added bodies to include options in Stainless Steel and Salt Spreader upfits, as well as new bodies for the Arbor and Landscaping industries, allowing you to sell to anyone who walks through the door. After the initial truck purchase, customers will return for additional bodies. As business grows and trucks become readily available, they’ll come back to expand their fleet.


In an effort to continue our relationship with Ford truck dealers, Switch-N-Go® has secured a relationship with Hoekstra Truck Equipment to provide access to their Ford pool for our entire dealer network. This is just another avenue through which Switch-N-Go can provide Ford dealers with solutions that create value for both them and our mutual customers.

We’ve also seen more truck dealers upfit used trucks with the Switch-N-Go® system, saving customer’s money on a “new” truck while maximizing your income stream through used truck sales. Additionally, the Switch-N-Go® redesigned hoist system is a bolt-on solution, allowing customers to upgrade their chassis’ and continue using Switch-N-Go® for years.

Simply put, if you can only sell one truck, sell a Switch-N-Go®. You can solve your customer’s fleet needs while cementing a relationship for future truck and body sales.