TERRY’S BLOG: Why Should Retail Have All The Fun?

I’m showing off a photo of a knock-out gorgeous truck that I caught while out for a walk in Old Town Lahaina on the island of Maui. It was parked in front of Fleetwood’s On Front Street, Mick Fleetwood’s restaurant of Fleetwood Mac fame. I lived there for a time and walked through downtown almost every morning. Seeing this truck reminds me of many things. Here are some of them.

  • A good-looking truck is just as valuable in the commercial truck world as the retail truck world. In fact, I developed very successful commercial truck departments with this theme in mind. I bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of Alcoa Wheels and put them on all manner of work trucks. My stocking of a wide variety of colored work trucks was particularly blessed with the beauty of Alcoa Wheels.
  • A truck body can be beautiful and functional at the same time!
  • I was the truck accessory king because I loved how accessories made the truck more useful, more saleable, and more profitable.
  • The photo here is a Protech Aluminum flatbed and I think it is the best-looking flatbed on the market. I first found out about them when a mobile spray wash company came to my first commercial dealership operation. I loved the look so much that I bought many of them over my time at dealerships. I even had the side rails polished to kick it up a bit.
  • I saw much more from Protech at the very first NTEA Work Truck Show I went to in Dallas, TX many years ago. I got to see their beautiful toolboxes and backpacks and much more. This caused me to buy more at the show. I even made one into a flatbed dump.
  • I think that when your work truck shows up at my place that it is noticed. How do I know? Because I notice when I hire people to do work. The condition of a work truck speaks volumes about the work that may get done. I used to be a mechanic and good mechanic’s take care of their tools. They appreciate their tools. They love showing off their tools and tool chests too.
  • This photo demonstrates one of the early truisms that I learned in the auto business. Only 4% buy price. Everyone else buys value. Show more value, people will pay accordingly. Sure, some only want a stripped-down truck, yet there are plenty who appreciate features and accessories. And color!
  • The underground company that owned this truck had two identical trucks on this job. They stood apart from every other work truck I saw on the island. By far.

The NTEA Work Truck Show is such a great way to see more of the selection of trucks, bodies, accessories that make work trucks work better, look better, and generate more profit more effectively and efficiently. It certainly made a huge difference in my operations and even beyond that, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share these findings in all my endeavors. Thank you, NTEA!