For over two decades, Switch-N-Go® has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. Our interchangeable truck body solution has advantages over both traditional permanent mount and hooklift units. With hoist systems available in electric-over-hydraulic and full hydraulic, as well as nearly 30 different work truck bodies, Switch-N-Go® offers endless opportunities to maximize investment and optimize the workday.

Despite not being together in person for this year’s Work Truck Show, we were able to participate online with a virtual booth that included all of our latest product updates and live chats with our regional sales specialists. Whether you were able to visit the Switch-N-Go® Virtual booth at NTEA’s Work Truck Week 2021 or you missed us, here is a recap of the exciting announcement we made:

Over the years, we’ve gathered valuable feedback from our Authorized Dealer Network and Switch-N-Go® operators, resulting in significant improvements to our hoist design. Now, for the first time ever, we have completely reengineered the Switch-N-Go® Hoist System. This design will greatly benefit both the installers of the system as well as those who use the system daily. Read on to see what is new in our E-Series and H-Series Hoist System.


Bolt-on Installation – The universal bolt-on design not only makes it easier for the installer with an average of 1-2 hours faster installation, but also allows for easier maintenance and for transferability between chassis’ when it’s time for the operator to switch over to a newer truck. Our dealer network also has the ability to request a specific and simplified OEM installation at the time of the order.

Integrated Bolt-On Bumper Design – Our hoist system integrates seamlessly with our bolt on bumper solution, allowing operators greater towing capabilities while also utilizing the Switch-N-Go® system.


Swivel Cable Hook – A huge improvement to the previous fixed hook design, the swivel hook reduces cable stiffness for improved cable spooling and body attachment. This, along with the high quality ½” winch cable offers more support and prevents premature wear and tear.

Cable Hook Stow Location – We placed a stow point for our cable hook on the rear driver side of the system for safe and secure placement of the swivel hook when in transport.

Universal Hold Down – Replacing the left and right rear body locks, universal hold downs feature a more robust design that reduces the possibility of the body tipping during tight turns. This also allows Switch-N-Go® operators to secure multiple body lengths with one system, once again allowing for greater versatility with just one truck. For example, with a 14ft system, operators can run 14’ bodies, as well as 9’, 11’, and 12’.  

Upgraded Pendant Control – Our new and improved pendant control offers single hand operation from in or out of the cab of the truck. The pendant control features goal terminals watertight seals for corrosion free and watertight connections, allowing for a longer working life.

Electronics System – The new hoist design features a fully enclosed and waterproof junction box with an IP 66 rating.

Pump Cover – A steel top cover providing additional protection to the pump.


Slide Pads – Three slide pads are located on each of the body hold downs. This helps provide a low friction solution that greatly reduces the metal-on-metal wear and rust on both the system and the body rails. 

Rear Rollers – The single piece bolt-on design of the new yellow rear rollers features internal nylatron bushings to provide a self-greasing resulting in smooth loading and unloading.

Nylatron V-Roller – Utilizing the same internal component of the yellow rear rollers, the bolt-on V-Roller is designed completely of nylatron, eliminating the rust points and providing a more cable friendly solution to extend the winch cable life.

42% Fewer Grease Points – With the addition of the previously mentioned self-greasing components, there are fewer grease points to maintain, keeping the truck on the road and out of the garage.


Orders taken today will receive the E- and H-Series hoist systems which will begin shipping out in late-April. For those familiar with the legacy design hoist, we have an ordering guide available that will allow users to cross reference the legacy models that they are accustomed to ordering with the new generation model. This is downloadable on our website.

With a choice of hoist system, paired with our interchangeable work truck bodies and WorkReady™ subframes, Switch-N-Go® owners get the power of a full fleet in just one truck. This versatility allows owners to build their ideal work truck by matching the system they need with the chassis they want.

For a refresher on our newly released interchangeable bodies, please see page 16 in the 2021 Ford Pros Magazine – Issue 57.