As 2021 begins, many of us would be happy if things just “returned to normal” — though we might disagree what “normal” is these days. For companies whose history and mission is innovation and continuous improvement, happiness is never found by just standing pat, or counting on past success to repeat itself. At Scelzi Enterprises, the drive to expand and improve while still maintaining the premium quality of their truck bodies is part of the culture. For this new year that means some new truck body designs and enhancements to some others, as well as expanding assembly and pool locations to increase production and distribution.

2021 Scelzi Landscaper/Gardener Body

The Scelzi Landscaper/Gardener truck body was first introduced more than 20 years ago. Designed for hauling leaves, branches, mulch, and other landscaping products, the body is built on a 10-14 foot long flatbed frame with fold-down and fold-out doors. The sides come standard with lightweight steel racks and polyurea textured coating is added to the inside bed area for additional rust and corrosion protection. Several improvements have been made to this classic design for 2021, some of which are only possible on a large scale due to recent advances in laser cutting technology. There are fewer weld joints to weaken over time, and laser-cut latches and handles are more efficient with fewer moving parts.

In addition, the Gardener body has a cleaner look and still maintains that glossy Scelzi paint finish. On a Ford F350 or larger, this is a workhorse that will still be helping landscapers well into a 2nd decade of useful life.

“We are always looking at ways to build our bodies more efficiently,” says President Mike Scelzi, “but also to make them better. The lightweight design of a landscaper body can be a problem if treated like a dump truck and filled with rocks and other solid objects to transport, so these changes really began as a project to make the body stronger. At the same time we made it look better, too.”

2021 Scelzi Dump Truck Bodies

The Ford Medium Duty F600, 650, and 750 were made to handle the toughest applications, and that means Dump and Water truck bodies, in addition to ultra-custom truck bodies containing compressors, cranes, and other special accessories. As a leading supplier of these bodies for Ford in the USA, Scelzi has learned a few things that only experience can teach.

Scelzi Production for these bodies was centralized in a new Fresno facility in 2017, and in 2021 they continue to make improvements to the toughest dumps available in the 3-20 cubic yard range. One change that is having a large impact on both product quality and production efficiency is the reduction of 3rd party suppliers and vendors needed to build a Scelzi Dump Truck. By building more sub-components themselves, Scelzi has more control over both the product quality and availability.

“We have some great suppliers but when those supply lines break down, it is a very helpless and frustrating feeling,” notes co-owner Gary Scelzi. “Just look at how badly that affected companies in 2020, when COVID shutdowns of key suppliers caused businesses to close their doors. We are better prepared now to handle future disruptions and we also have greater control of component quality than we did a year ago. We aren’t waiting for as many items to arrive before completing a truck body, and there is less variation of quality.”

The COVID virus has certainly changed business plans for most companies in 2021, but at Scelzi Enterprises, the drive for more Innovation and continuous improvement won’t be postponed.