FordPro-File: Don Beezley, NorthSide Ford

Born and raised in Colorado, Don Beezley has worked with cars and trucks for all of his adult life, working his way up from car runner to mechanic then on to management at a Car Rental car lot during and then after high school. After marrying and starting a family, Don eventually moved to Portand, Oregon, in 1990, where he took on the Management of the Truck Division of Budget Car rental. In 1991, they moved to Tampa, Florida for two years, but the move didn’t stick and they moved back to Oregon.
In 2004 Don lost his position at Budget – the company was sold. Reaching out to some acquaintances at Northside Ford Truck Sales he was offered the position of Outside Rep in 2005. The second day working at Northside, Don went to a meeting of the Northwest Ford Truck Club Association, of which he eventually became the President! (see the facing page for NFTCA Club news!). Four years later, in 2010, Tim Tobin was retiring and moving on from Northside and recommended that Don to be his replacement- Northside offered him the position of commercial sales manager- and Don has held that position for the last 11 years!
Don says he enjoys his job; confident in and grateful for his staff, connections, and club members that he counts as lucky to be around him. Utilizing his connections and knowledge, as well as a healthy head-start in the digital transition of truck sales, he and his team has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic fairy well. As one of the first customers of Work Truck Solutions, Don and Northside has utilized the program and its benefits of showing more product than is on site, saying of the program “It is a great tool, but it is what you make of it,” meaning that it has to be employed competently and intelligently – integrated into your existing and expanding toolbox. Additionally, they utilize Commercial Truck Trader and Ford Direct/CVC, incorporating the continuing support of word-of-mouth and phone calls; with some use of Facebook and additional social media resources.
Don and his wife have a son and a daughter and three grandsons. He loves playing Golf, summer barbeques, and traveling with his wife – he found he did more of the first two during 2020 – more golf with his son and barbeques with the family, but much less of the last! He did manage to itch the travel bug with some safe travel to Arizona in the late summer, but is hoping to get to Hawaii for a Family Vacation in 2021 (their 2020 trip in March having been canceled!)