Adrian Steel Reveals New Product Line for Parcel Delivery Industry

When COVID hit in early 2020, it caused an explosion in the world of e-commerce. In fact, parcel delivery is the fastest growing industry with an estimated 45,000 cargo van sales per year. But the profession comes with its own set of challenges for drivers. On average, drivers deliver 100-200 packages a day, and climb in and out of the vehicle 75-150 times per day. Recognizing the struggles and opportunities for improvement that exist, Adrian Steel created a parcel delivery package that not only alleviates the burden placed on drivers, but increases efficiency and revenue for businesses.

 “With the parcel delivery market skyrocketing, we knew we needed to design a product line that would maximize driver efficiency while also keeping safety and ergonomics at the forefront,” said George Bernwanger Chief Engineer at Adrian Steel. “Every product in this line was designed to keep the drivers safe and reduce fatigue while also helping them deliver more packages in the same amount of time.”

Features of the new Adrian Steel product line include:

• A steel sliding door partition for easy access to cargo that reduces climbing in and out of the vehicle by half

• Customizable folding shelves that accommodate a large range of cargo and reduce operator strain

• Safety features like rear and side steps with slip-resistant platforms and grab handles that help maintain balance while entering/exiting the vehicle

• Competitive pricing

Feedback to the new product line has been positive thus far. An independent contractor evaluated her fleet after installing Adrian Steel shelves and found that the cargo vans with shelves completed their routes three hours faster than those without.

“At Adrian Steel, understanding the needs of our customers is our top goal,” Berwanger said. “As we spent time understanding how a delivery driver interacts with the vehicle and the upfit, we are excited to see the impact the parcel delivery solution has on the delivery industry.”

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