Commercial Truck Training Updates and Next Boot Camp!

The West Coast Ultimate Boot Camp last month was a wonderful success, thanks in large part to our hosts, Commercial Van Interiors, and our partners, Work Truck Solutions! We had eight people join us by the Bay, and several shared their thoughts in the video above

We’re continuing to plan our 2021 events in a variety of locations throughout the country to be as “close” to as many people as possible. But first, we’re announcing the next Ultimate Boot Camp in the lineup, our traditional slot in January (11-13) in Jacksonville, Florida! Come join us in warmer weather for an excellent three days and lay the foundation to make 2021 your best year ever!

The Extra Mile Podcast is unfortunately paused at the moment, as there is still a directory issue with our providers and their ultimate destinations. Ahh, technology… That hasn’t stopped us from building great content though, as we’ll have an exceptional edition to share with you once this problem is finally solved. For now, our entire podcast archive can be found here

The article below is very simple: do you have a system for success?

Happy Holidays!

Ken Taylor & Will Brogan
Commercial Truck Training
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