Why Technology?
The truly wonderful thing about technology is how it can be used to help us do better at what we do!
There is a famous quote that is attributed to Albert Einstein: “Never memorize something that you can look up.” This quote has raised lots of dialogue about whether or not technology – the internet in particular – has created lazy mind; since we don’t have to memorize much anymore, and can always look it up online, is this good or bad?
(BTW…remember this same discussion back when the first calculators came out?)
FordPros today have a lot on their plate that they need to juggle and deliver to be successful, especially with the new normal of working remotely, and any technology that can help FordPros add value in their relationship with their customers is great.
Here are a couple of solid resources online that provides a range of information that can help the dedicated FordPro be a master at consultative sales:

So how else can a FordPro take advantage of information on the internet that will help make their buyers smarter and more loyal?

The most important part of building a relationship with a customer starts with truly understanding their business and their specific vehicle needs. Having said that, the businesses that offer FordPros sales opportunities range through many different business types, and understanding each of those ‘vocations’ has always been the extra ‘super sauce’ that takes an additional investment in time.
So how else can technology help support that level of professionalism and give the FordPro that extra value for their customer? With over 42 upfit and body types, and 25 unique vocations featured,, the first national marketplace for works trucks and vans, has the largest selection of ready-to-roll commercial vehicles on the internet, and not only shows full specifications and details for most body types and manufacturers, they have a whole ‘Learn’ section. Significant opportunities for the FordPro lies in being able to explore the gallery of Upfits and the Directory to learn more about products and partners that can help them deliver on their customers’ needs.
The clever FordPro can also look like an absolute technology ‘whizkid’ by sending well-chosen links of relevant business articles and BodyType Infographics to targeted customers to help educate them.
Comvoy has a national, comprehensive, overview of what’s trending in the work truck/van space and they are producing an ever-growing collection of timely and relevant articles, interviews, videos and infographics to help the end buyer and the entire ecosystem gain visibility and knowledge.

The following are the last 90 days’ top 5 searched vocationally targeted articles – feel free to use any of these to send to your customers – or pick from Comvoy’s many other categories:

If you are talking to a prospect, or existing customer, about a specific body type and want to discuss the criteria that should make up priority features, or compare one configuration to another, here are the last 90 days’ top searched truck types with excellent infographics and filter search links:

Technology doesn’t have to be about learning how to use new software, or having multiple social media accounts – but it does offer the FordPro access to knowledge that can differentiate them in both what they use and how they serve their customer.
Stay tuned here on future FordPros magazine issues for more resources that will help you build your consultative sales tool box!

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