In the fall of 1998, Transfer Flow, the leading manufacturer of premier American-made fuel systems, introduced TRAX-UFS™, the first version of their computer-operated fuel management system for their auxiliary fuel tanks. Based on the fuel capacity of a pickup’s main fuel tank and the auxiliary tank, the TRAX-UFS™ operating system transferred fuel at pre-determined levels while the vehicle was in operation. It came with a dash-mounted LCD and computer module. Prior to TRAX-UFS™, Transfer Flow’s additional fuel tank systems operated with a 6-port gear-driven solenoid valve that worked similar to Ford trucks that came with the two-tank option. A simple flip of the switch allowed the driver to change the operation between the two stock tanks. Because the transfer of fuel was automatic with TRAX-UFS™, it eliminated the need for a toggle switch. Transfer Flow received the first of its two patents for this new technology.
In 2004, the second generation of TRAX was introduced. The TRAX-II™ dash-mounted LCD was a little sleeker, and diagnostic buttons were added to the display, making it interactive to the driver. The computer module was inside the dash-mounted LCD.
Ten years later, Transfer Flow’s introduced TRAX 3™, with updated graphics, new mounting hardware, and more diagnostic interaction between the driver and the auxiliary system. The end-user was also able to display gallons or the percentage of fuel in each tank.
Twenty-two years later, from the first introduction of TRAX-UFS™, Transfer Flow introduced TRAX 4™ to the marketplace on September 1, 2020. TRAX 4™ premise is the same: a computer-controlled fuel management system that transfers fuel from a Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank to a pickup’s main fuel tank. Unlike our previous operating systems and other competitors subpar offerings, TRAX 4™ is an advanced operating system that offers a modern app-based interface. The driver can download the TRAX 4™ app to their smartphone or mobile device. With the new plug and play design, they’ll be able to monitor a Those who prefer not to use the TRAX 4™ app with their auxiliary tank but still want to know how much fuel they have, Transfer Flow offers an in-cab fuel level monitor LCD. The LCD shows the auxiliary tank’s fuel level with an easy-to-read bar graph that decreases when fuel transfers to the pickup’s main fuel tank.
“We’re excited to see the reception of our TRAX 4™ operating system and app”, stated Ben Winter, Director of Business Development at Transfer Flow. “Our advanced fuel system engineers have put in countless hours developing and utilizing the latest app-based technology for our TRAX 4™ operating system. Our engineers focused on system flexibility and ease of install when developing our TRAX 4™ operating system.”
Transfer Flow is often asked why they don’t use gravity feed for their auxiliary tanks. Transfer Flow’s Advanced Fuel System Engineers continue to prove they can avoid all of the inherent risks associated with a gravity feed system by providing a premier fuel controlled system solution. Independent testing confirms that by installing a gravity-fed system, you are disabling the safety features of your vehicle’s fuel system. With gravity-fed systems, if the valve, connectors, or fuel line malfunction, there’s nothing to prevent over-filling the fuel tank and causing dangerous fuel spills. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are never to be used in conjunction with gravity-fed systems.
Transfer Flow engineers and manufactures premier American-made aftermarket fuel tank systems and vehicle accessories in Chico, California. In addition to auxiliary fuel tanks, Transfer Flow also manufactures high-capacity replacement tanks, in-bed refueling tanks, and fuel tank and toolbox combos.
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