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We all see the unprecedented challenges automotive dealerships are facing when it comes to engaging commercial customers and selling vehicles amid the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place mandates. Dealers must adapt to succeed, adopt innovative marketing strategies, and find new avenues of revenue as retail vehicle sales decline. Work Truck Solutions is committed to helping dealerships nationwide identify, connect with, and sell the right inventory to business buyers via its Dealer Solutions platform. 

The nation’s core vocational services and essential businesses, such as delivery, home repairs, plumbing, HVAC and electrical, continue in high demand today. These businesses rely on commercial vehicles to conduct their day-to-day operations, presenting an opportunity for automotive dealers everywhere to capitalize on the massive commercial vehicle market. Accordingly, commercial vehicle sales remain strong compared to retail sales during March and April. 

“Although it varies widely from state to state, 16% of our dealers responding said that commercial sales for March were actually higher than budgeted, and only 42% said they were down more than a little. Early feedback on April is encouraging, with the already good margins on commercial vehicles holding strong. It’s a great time for dealers looking to adjust to the new economic environment to consider entering commercial; and those already selling commercial should adopt tools to better manage their business today. Work Truck Solutions’ offers these tools for dealers of all classes of vehicles 1-8 in all 50 states helping dealers to better manage inventory, efficiently reach customers, and ultimately generate high margin revenue.”

“Commercial has been a great business for us,” said Jarod Ricart, President at Ricart Ford in Columbus, Ohio. “Commercial kept us Essential and open without a shadow of a doubt during the crisis. We had Police vehicles, first responders, fire trucks, sheriff trucks, HVAC Vans, and most importantly according to my neighbor, Amazon vans in our shop. There is nothing more essential than what I listed, and it showed how we give back to the community, and keep the community running.”

“Today’s dealer has to be multifaceted and find Ancillary Revenue streams. Commercial is a business that most dealers have access to, just haven’t made the investment to go all in. For a lack of a better word, it’s a peripheral business that runs alongside our current retail business model. Commercial is about Relationships and finding Partners in the community that share the same core values as you do with your business.”

In response to the current crisis, Work Truck Solutions continues to support their dealerships with a full suite of resources to help manage inventory, reach customers, and generate revenue: 

  • Dealer Success Coach – Personalized and tailored 1:1 consultations from a dedicated and experienced Work Truck Solutions specialist. As a single point of contact,and with specific insight into the dealers goals, the DSC provides customized solutions that build, track, and measure commercial success.  
  • Expanded Network – Dealer Solutions now include FREE listings on, a modern and targeted commercial marketplace, which helps dealerships show their commercial inventory nationally for a greater number of potential customers. Dealers can also expand their inventory offerings through a custom dealer trade network. With impending inventory constraints, dealerships will have the ability to use data to better plan and manage their inventory to help the right customers find in-stock vehicles. 
  • Digital Transformation – Work Truck Solutions and Comvoy offer digital marketing packages and services that will help dealers target specifically for their unique market opportunities. The Dealer Solutions includes Digital Selling tools, online, on-demand, certification, and even Work from Home Best Practices for commercial sales teams. 

“In committing to an e-commerce sales model, we needed solutions that enable us to identify and efficiently reach new commercial buyers to keep our business running smoothly. Work Truck Solutions’ platform, and especially their consultative approach to the business gives my business insight into the commercial vehicle market and a point of measurement to gauge our productivity in this area for the months ahead,” Jared said.


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About Work Truck Solutions 

Work Truck Solutions owns the only comprehensive structured commercial vehicle configuration data in North America. Work Truck Solutions has digitized commercial inventory across the work truck industry, cataloging all work-ready truck configurations from manufacture to sale. With this aggregated data, Work Truck Solutions helps automotive dealers connect with buyers and manage inventory, identifies buyers’ pain points throughout the transaction process, and increases profits to drive success for commercial vehicle businesses. 

About Comvoy

Comvoy is the first and only structured, searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks and vans. Using the most extensive aggregation of commercial vehicle details and inventory (including specs on vehicle body, upfit, equipment, pieces, and parts from OEM to dealer), Comvoy is built for buyers to easily research, find, and get what they need. Comvoy surfaces results across vocation, vehicle body type, upfit or vehicle manufacturer, to match every buyer with the right work truck for the right job. The Comvoy marketplace was built by Work Truck Solutions to support the hard-working businesses that power the economy.