Driverge: Prisoner Transport

Throughout the country, thousands of prisoners and inmates are transported from correctional facilities to prisons, courthouses, medical facilities and other locations by law enforcement and border patrol agencies. These transportations are handles by the government, by the local law enforcement agencies, and even private contractors. This is a huge industry, and these agencies are constantly looking for vehicles which offer higher levels of safety and security for their passengers – while keeping law enforcement officer safety at the forefront.

Keeping prisoners under control and safe can be difficult enough in controlled facilities, but is especially problematic in transportation. In fact, over the past couple of years, the safety of prisoners has been pulled into the media spotlight when some passengers in the back of transport vehicles sustained injuries, some of those leading to fatalities. If passengers were secure in the back of one of these vehicles, how could this happen?  New solutions were needed.

For prisoner transportation, many agency vehicles use a module or insert.  Inserts operate how the name indicates – a pre-built security module is “inserted” through the back doors of the vehicle and connected to the chassis.  The most popular insert options on the market today only offer bench seats without seat belts for passengers. If seat belts are required, the only available option are lap belts.  This type of seating, while functional, does not offer the level of safety needed to keep passengers fully secure during an accident.

Driverge is bringing new levels of safety, interior space, and innovation to prisoner and inmate transportation with their exclusive Prisoner Transport Vehicles (PTV).  Built on the customer preferred and American-made Ford Transit chassis, they offer several different layouts and configurations designed for Low, Medium, and High Security vehicles.

Safer Seating

First, to maximize safety, every PTV built by Driverge has individual seat positions with 3-point seat belts for each passenger. This offers each person the maximum safety possible during transport – meeting the same safety standards as OEM seats coming directly from Ford.

More Interior Space

The Driverge prisoner and inmate transport upfits are built directly onto the chassis itself which allows the design to be built all the way out to the walls of the vehicle.  This maximizes the interior space, as opposed to inserts which need several inches of space on each side to fit into the vehicle.  Because of this, Driverge vehicles offer up to an additional 21 cubic feet of interior space.

More Compartment Options

Another popular option to maximize safety and keep groups of inmates separated, are configurations with multiple passenger seating compartments.  These compartments can help separate males from females, adults from juveniles, and even violent from non-violent passengers.  In addition, a power wheelchair lift and compartment for wheelchair passengers can be added.

Maximum Officer Safety

Officer and driver safety is equally important to passenger safety. It has been estimated that nearly 50% of all prisoner escapes occur during transport.  This is why Driverge offers higher-security options such as theri custom two-door entry system available at both the side and rear doors.  These reinforced interior doors add an extra barrier of security to the officers as they open the exterior doors knowing the passengers are still safe inside the vehicle.  Another popular option is adding spit-guards to the steel bulkheads behind the driver and front passenger.

Innovative Features and Designs

Driverge also offers innovative designs to maximize the efficiency and functionality of the vehicle and the officers operating it.  From adding wheelchair accessibility through a lift and separate compartment, to multiple compartment options, to tech features like security camera systems with DVRs, power inverters, and much more, Driverge offers an extended variety of vehicle configurations to meet the needs of private contractors and law enforcement agencies at all levels of government.

Proud Ford Partner

Driverge Vehicle Innovations is proud to have a long-time and valued partnership with Ford.  Being a Ford QVM builder with bailment pool and Ship-Thru capabilities, Driverge offers Ford dealers across the country a proven partner with a variety of prisoner transport vehicles and upfits to meet the demanding needs of their customers. 

Special Offer for Ford Dealers

Driverge is pleased to offer Ford Dealers $500 off the purchase of your first Driverge Ford Transit conversion – including Prisoner Transport, Wheelchair Transport, Shuttle, Mini Bus, Hospitality Vans and more.  Contact Driverge via email at, or visit to see all they have to offer.