AmeriDeck Supports Problem Solver

Summer of 2016, Cameron Neff was riding his 1993 Harley FXR around West Hollywood when he experienced a flat tire. He had towing coverage for his cars through a roadside assistance company, but never got the extra coverage for his motorcycle. He tried giving some friends in the motorcycle business a call, but no one could help with such short notice. He called the roadside company as a last resort. Four hours later, the company showed up with a flatbed tow truck. The truck operator could not figure out how to load the bike properly. Cameron knew from years of riding that you should never strap a bike down using the handlebars or the kickstand. The operator did just that and the kickstand snapped. Twenty minutes later, the motorcycle was loaded. In the end, it cost Cameron a lot of time and money just to transport his bike around five miles.

At this point in his life, Cameron had just recently sold his restaurant and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He was always hearing from his motorcycle friends that they needed tows that wouldn’t damage their bikes. He went to the internet and the first thing he searched was “motorcycle hydraulic lift.” AmeriDeck™ was the first thing that came up on Google Images. After some research on a variety of towing operations and with the knowledge needed for motorcycle towing, Cameron made a decision. He chose to install an AmeriDeck™ system on a used 2009 F250 XLT with the help of Skip Gosser of Aumsville Equipment and San Diego Hydraulics and started his 24-hour motorcycle service company – Victory Lane Freight (VLF).

From making nearly $1,000 on his first day in 2016 to receiving the 2019 American Towman ACE Award after being nominated by multiple motor clubs for efficiency, reliability and professionalism, Cameron has always been proud to be a one truck, one system operation. Victory Lane Freight provides 24-hour motorcycle towing/hauling, roadside recovery, and freight services throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. Over 7,000 tows later, Victory Lane Freight still promises to quickly, safely, and affordably transport motorcycles from start to finish.

            Cameron says that VLF would not exist if it wasn’t for the AmeriDeck™ system. “Being able to operate a tow company with a truck that’s half the size,” but still be able to haul two bikes at once. A smaller truck can go more places. VLF can maneuver the windy roads and alleys. With the ability to fit in the private driveways, private properties, and airport tarmacs, VLF has racked up a large celebrity clientele. Highway patrol also likes VLF as an emergency roadside vehicle because he is able to get off on the shoulder for safer loading and get back on the road in less than a minute and a half. Another advantage of only needing a full-size pickup truck is not needing to own another vehicle. Cameron uses his new 2019 F250 for all personal uses, and with his custom decals, he is able to get free advertisement everywhere he goes.

As one of the only DOT certified companies in the area, Cameron and VLF is proud to say that they have never scratched a bike, never dropped a bike, and have had no issues throughout their years as a company. AmeriDeck™ has been the key to their success, VLF will “never buy anything else.”

The AmeriDeck™ In-Bed Lift System is the smart, bolt-on solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your full-size pickup truck. With single operator push-button control and the ability to load at ground level, the AmeriDeck system can lift up to 2,500lbs, making it easier than ever for one person to load and unload their equipment. This trailer/ramp alternative gives you the advantage to fit where other work trucks cannot. Available in two deck styles and lengths, with space below the deck for storing small tools and materials, you can complete any job. Most commonly used for motorcycle transport, the AmeriDeck™ is the ideal solution for haulers all over the country.