ALT-FUEL CORNER: Innovation + Planning

Exec.V.P. for Landi Renzo USA.

I’ve said it before, and you probably have too – “that escalated quickly”. These are unprecedented times, at least in my lifetime. We’ve experienced the horrors of 9/11 and while there was disruption in the transportation sector, it wasn’t as widespread. This is comprehensive and sustained. There is no end date. We’re in new territory. It’s different.

Yet, there are many companies that provide critical support during this pandemic. Our job is to ensure their tool (i.e., vehicle) is not a roadblock to carrying out their essential missions in saving lives and keeping us safe. We are behind the scenes, but our importance is no less significant.

Regardless of your political persuasion or what your opinion is about whether we should have shut down the country or not, the reality is it’s our current situation. Past decisions can’t be changed and it’s likely you know of someone that was affected, whether an illness, job loss, or a number of other things that happen as collateral damage.

How will this all play out? Let me make a prediction. Fleets will still need vehicles, vehicles will still need to be maintained, and technology will be needed to improve vehicle emissions. Take it to the bank.

But for now, we hunker down. We look at different ways to support our customer. We explore ways to innovate. We take advantage of the circumstances to be stronger and better than ever before. And ultimately, we will come out of this stronger as companies and as individuals.