FordPros Magazine Exclusive: How Work Truck Solutions is Helping Dealers Get More Leads

How Work Truck Solutions is Helping Dealers Get More Leads.
By now everyone has seen data that 90% of shoppers/buyers do research online before they make a buying decision; this is certainly not surprising because we do it, too!  The data you don’t see is, how do businesses that buy work trucks or vans do online research? They don’t – because until now, information about specific body types or van upfits and their relevance to a customer’s business has just not been available – anywhere.
Work trucks and vans are used by industries that comprise nearly 80% of the U.S. GDP, including, but not limited to, general contracting, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, farm and agriculture, package delivery and so many more. These businesses are work truck buyers who have never had a fast, easy way to research, find, and get what they need.
“There are millions of businesses that need to use work trucks every single day. These are hard-working people who lose money when they don’t have – or don’t even know where to begin to find – the exact vehicle they need,” said Work Truck Solutions CEO and Founder, Kathryn Schifferle. “After seven years of providing online solutions that help our dealer partners show their inventory to their customers, while branding them as commercial experts, we realized that we could do even more by helping to educate their customers on the value of the right commercial vehicle for their business.” was launched this week as the first and only structured, searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks and vans. Comvoy pulls from the most extensive aggregation of commercial vehicle details and inventory to match customers with the right work truck for the right job––across any vocation, body type, vehicle or upfit manufacturer. Surfacing results based solely on buyer needs, Comvoy supports the hard-working businesses that power the economy. 
“Dealers love using our solutions that help them display and manage their commercial inventory. They have continuously asked us to help drive buyer leads to them, so we built Comvoy to be the one stop shop for all things work truck. The customer’s search results are never skewed around paid placements or sponsored products. This marketplace is built around what buyers need and is about helping them get it. Period.” Schifferle continued, “Comvoy was a labor of love by Work Truck Solutions to meet this demand. Because we are the only complete work truck configuration data owner and provider in North America, we felt we needed to step up to the plate and make this happen.” 
Comvoy is the most transparent and comprehensive marketplace for the industry today. Buyers can search by vocation (plumber, florist, towing), vehicle body (crane or dump truck, refrigerator or passenger van), vehicle manufacturer (Ford and others), or upfit manufacturer (Knapheide, Truck Accessories Group (TAG), Kargo Master) to find the best vehicle for the job. Comvoy’s highly detailed configuration data, intuitive search, and integrated insights guide businesses to get what they need, fast.
“We have worked with our dealers, upfitters, and OEMs to provide clarity and confidence for commercial buyers. We have produced over 150 articles, videos, and infographics that will help the buyers fully understand the value of the vehicles to their unique business application. Dealers invest in their commercial inventory, and we want the differentiated value to become key as we match the right buyers to their perfect trucks and vans.
Unlimited Comvoy listings are being provided to dealers who are using Work Truck Solutions at no additional charge. “We have committed to growing Comvoy for our dealers, and have guaranteed absolutely no charge for listings, or for leads, for dealers on any of our packages through 2020.”
The Comvoy team is collaborating with industry partners and affiliates to grow the value of the platform for both buyers and dealers. Dedicated to testing and learning, the team is geared up to develop an increasingly efficient channel for all.  
Visit the Comvoy marketplace today at For more information about Work Truck Solutions, go to

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