Welcome to the World of Robotic Cargo Systems!

Introducing the PowerLoader by MasterHaul, the Santa Cruz, California based
company have introduced a new-patented system that allows any person or
autonomous truck to load and unload cargo automatically.  This unique product can
be utilized on Pickups, Cargo Vans, Service Bodies, and
Contractor bodies. The
system revolutionizes key requirements, inclusive of Productivity, Safety, and
MasterHaul products will transform how humans and companies move
their cargo:
The PowerLoader is a ‘one stop shop’ as it eliminates the need for additional
resources required by existing lift products.  No need for humans to transfer heavy
cargo from a liftgate into a truck bed.  In addition, the significantly larger carrying
capacity can equate to not needing to purchase utility trailers to tow products that
do not fit on a liftgate, e.g. large power equipment, construction materials, pallets
and many more.  Beyond which there are multiple additional unique features.
Pick up’s do not pick up!
The founders and owners of Masterhaul Paul and Tom Eidsmore (both of whom have
created over 40 patented products) of which Paul stated “we have been pickup
truck users for many years, of which our frustration at constantly having to engage
additional personnel to lift and or move products onto and into our pick up beds
was the start of the creation of the Masterhaul Powerloader”.  Beyond which there
are additional innovative-patented products of which will be revealed shortly after
the Powerloader is launched.  
Video Presentation
Product Preview

Expo’s & Events
Masterhaul will be exhibiting at the following events, in addition to becoming
members of local Government, Fleet, and industry specific institutions:

· ICUEE Expo
– Louisville, KY Oct 1 – 3

· World Ag Expo
– Tulare, CA Feb 11 – 13

– Indianapolis, IN Mar 3 – 6

– Las Vegas , NV Mar 10 – 14

· NAFA Expo
– Indianapolis, IN April 6 – 8

Demo Units:
Will be available at the above expo’s and will also be utilized as a part of the
introductory presentation that will start in Northern California, after which will move
to other geographic areas

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